Monthly Archive: August 2014

The Impact, Trend and New Market Players in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been enjoying a very good growth in the past couple of years and there is absolutely no doubt that this will only continue in its path to increasing success as the years roll on. The past year saw some of the leader such as Amazon Web Services pushing itself at a punishing pace but it was not left alone in the race. With increasing pursuance from other giants in the industry like Google and Microsoft, there wasn’t much of a gap among the top players.


New entrants had introduced new products that enhanced the market and the leaders in enterprise IT like HP and IBM were trying hard to adapt to the fast changing environment. On an eagle’s eye view I can say that each of these giants are contributing to what I call a Global Evolution in cloud computing. This at times is obscure thanks to the endless acquisitions, minutiae of deals and the every changing profit and loss accounts.

Specific new market players are gaining a foothold in the market and some of the names worthy of mention are
· Jive Software- offers a collaboration cloud that helps enterprises communicate with employees, partners and customers
· Fleetmatics Group- a GPS fleet tracking service
· Dealertrack Technologies – offers a popular cloud tool for the automotive dealer industry
· Cornerstone OnDemand – online enterprise training and recruitment
· Medidata Solutions – Cloud service for conducting clinical trials used for research organisations and pharmaceutical companies
· Ultimate Software Group – cloud based payroll and human resources management software
· Concur Technologies – cloud based business travel and expense management software
· ServiceNow – offers cloud based services for IT professionals to track technical problems
· Net Suite – business software offered in the cloud that includes customer resource management, enterprise resource management and accounting software


There is no doubt that cloud computing is the latest technological trend that has permeated the market in the last couple of years. This has invariably set the stage for businesses and the world to evolve and choose the manner in which they will acquire or deliver IT services with reduced emphasis on traditional licensing models in hardware and software. It has a significant impact on all facets of the IT world and dictates how users approach and access applications, information and business services.

The trend of cloud computing is ever evolving and will continue it this path for as long as the eye can see for now. It will be wrong to say that everything is perfect – way no, it is not! We come across vendors who are using ‘cloud’ as a marketing term than what it actually is – till such time this is sorted out, there will be some chaos in some places that do not understand the ability and the rapid evolvement of cloud technology.

With the level of impact, change, uncertainty and confusions associated with cloud computing, it is one of the strategic technological trends that needs to be addressed at the earliest.