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Tech Trends That Will Rule The World In The Next Three Years


Technology as we know it has a significant impact on our lives today. This is all the more evident in the IT world and some require heavy investment in order for businesses to stay in the race. Tech trends impacts businesses, its growth and processes that transcends into IT departments and everyday users. Having been in this industry for this long and loving all that it has to offer, I have put together some of the latest trends that focuses on merging the virtual and real worlds by shifting to a digital business model through data intelligence.

Mobile Computing On Top Form
The expanded computing environment today makes life easy and everything within the reach of the average user, thanks to the advent of smart phones and wearable devices that make this a possibility. There will be an increased emphasis in the next three years on serving the needs of the everyday mobile user across diverse environments and contexts as against the popular view of concentrating on the devices alone.

The overall environment will change to adapt to the needs of the end users in the days to come. This invariably will pose a new type of challenge for IT companies and managements across the globe as IT moves from device based to user based. Programmers and designers will be focussing on offering user experience designs from now on.

Cloud Computing Everywhere
As mobile devices continue to proliferate, there comes the distinct need to satisfy the average mobile user by offering services that enable him/her to use, store and retrieve data that is way more than the storage capacity of their device. Cloud computing though not new will see a new surge in demand as mobile based clouds, services based clouds and area based clouds becoming increasingly common.


With specialised area-based services taking the centre stage, we will be hearing more names like London Cloud, Cloud Premier IT, Prosyn IT Support, etc. when it comes to cloud technology solutions in London; Sydney Cloud IT, Brennan IT, Precision IT, etc. for services in Sydney, Alcala Consulting, Geek Tek, etc. in Los Angeles and top world players like Cloud Lock, Cloud Munch, Cloud Physics, etc which though region based will make a global impact.

Emergence of Connected Life Platforms
In the present day the ‘Internet of Things’ has actually become a thing. Devices have started to work together already and these connected objects will become the platforms on which your day to day routine operates. The proliferation of devices will ensure that such co-ordinated platforms will enable to make life easy connecting your home, your communication, driving and entertainment.

Though this comes as no big news, the intensity of its impact on day to day living will enhance multiple times. Based on search engine searches we can say that there has been phenomenal increase in the search for wearable technology, Internet of Things and smart TVs in the past year which amounts to more than 30% of the previous years. There is a rough estimate that there will be over 4.9 billion connected things that will be in use in the year 2015 alone, in the wake of this figure, it is safe to say that it will only increase in the coming years.

Playing The Tough Glass Game

Corning-GorillaGlassThere aren’t many players who are keen on playing the tough glass game. We can count the numbers really and the prominent two that keep surfacing time and again are named after a pretty gemstone and a massive primate! Scratch resistance is the aim of one whereas the other has been promoted for its toughness. You would have guessed it by now, I am sure – yes, I am talking about Sapphire Glass and Gorilla Glass.

corning_ image

Ideally an optimised product is what we are looking for but can be lay our hands on one? “It is possible” says Corning, the developer of Gorilla Glass as the company aims at amalgamating its renowned tough glass with the Sapphire to create a scratch resistant tough glass to protect mobile devices.

There are two things we want with our devices – to live a full life without developing scratches and being completely intact when it is dropped or bumped. We have had the better of these two aspects separately but by use we know that Sapphire Glass no matter how much scratch resistant it is shatters when it is dropped. Likewise Gorilla Glass known for its toughness and resistance to withstand drops and bumps develops scratches in the long run.

We can see than Corning is trying to give us the best of both worlds. It has decided to blend synthetic sapphire and Gorilla Glass mainly I guess because of the threat of Apple making the switch from Gorilla Glass to sapphire late last year. The switch was invariably aborted with Apple citing that the latter was way too reflective for the liking of their users.

The Touch ID sensor in iPhone 6 however uses sapphire glass as a combo with Gorilla Glass for sturdiness – me thinks that this is a purely test run to see how it goes. If it is as successful as it is claimed, we well might see Corning venturing deep into its research books again for bettering the experience.