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Playing The Tough Glass Game

Corning-GorillaGlassThere aren’t many players who are keen on playing the tough glass game. We can count the numbers really and the prominent two that keep surfacing time and again are named after a pretty gemstone and a massive primate! Scratch resistance is the aim of one whereas the other has been promoted for its toughness. You would have guessed it by now, I am sure – yes, I am talking about Sapphire Glass and Gorilla Glass.

corning_ image

Ideally an optimised product is what we are looking for but can be lay our hands on one? “It is possible” says Corning, the developer of Gorilla Glass as the company aims at amalgamating its renowned tough glass with the Sapphire to create a scratch resistant tough glass to protect mobile devices.

There are two things we want with our devices – to live a full life without developing scratches and being completely intact when it is dropped or bumped. We have had the better of these two aspects separately but by use we know that Sapphire Glass no matter how much scratch resistant it is shatters when it is dropped. Likewise Gorilla Glass known for its toughness and resistance to withstand drops and bumps develops scratches in the long run.

We can see than Corning is trying to give us the best of both worlds. It has decided to blend synthetic sapphire and Gorilla Glass mainly I guess because of the threat of Apple making the switch from Gorilla Glass to sapphire late last year. The switch was invariably aborted with Apple citing that the latter was way too reflective for the liking of their users.

The Touch ID sensor in iPhone 6 however uses sapphire glass as a combo with Gorilla Glass for sturdiness – me thinks that this is a purely test run to see how it goes. If it is as successful as it is claimed, we well might see Corning venturing deep into its research books again for bettering the experience.