Don’t Let The NSA Or Hackers Steal Your Data

HackersWith smart phones becoming smarter and users having all commonly used communicating technology in a single device, messaging apps, texts, chats and emails have become increasingly used on a global scale. With these private communications, we have a feeling that we are indulging in private communications with only the intended recipients but reality has taught us that your chats, messages and mails need not be private though they are intended to.

If you want to know more on that you can very well contact any employee or management of Sony Pictures Entertainment who will be able to narrate their experience when 100 TB data was downloaded and irreversibly erased from the Sony Server and PC. The damage was estimated to be about $15 million. The problems didn’t stop with that, there were leaked emails of Sony’s renowned executives insulting their president leading to reputation damage, payment details of Hollywood stars circulated, bickering between top stars in the industry and studio chiefs came out in the public!


Hackers can do more damage than we know of. Apart from hackers, snoopers can also get the better of your info than you know which can be a big dig at your privacy. Considering the existing scenario, there have been a couple of apps that have come to the aid of those who want to discuss confidential information on their smart phone. Here is a look at the one that came up in the recent talks revolving around hackers and NSA.

Get Confidential With Confide
Confide is free which is good news and can be easily accessed and used in all Android and iOS supporting devices. There are some new features that were released lately by this company that ensures that users aren’t able to take screenshots of messages, photos and shared documents. Also importing mail conversations has been made easy with this app and those that are deemed confidential can be taken offline and confided in.

This app supports document storage devices such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, etc. Once the message is sent through this app, it gets encrypted and the content is blurry and almost unreadable when it is opened by the recipient. The message can be read only by touching screen that too only the line below the finger is readable thereby exposing just one line. This ensures that those that are vying to take a snap shot can capture only the exposed line and not the entire text. Once the message is read by the recipient, it is tapped closed and gets deleted irretrievably.

Businesses can heave a big sigh of relief as there is news that Confide is developing a new one for businesses and it will be made available at the earliest possible date in 2015. This is expected to have distribution lists and address book integration. Very soon we can expect the company to develop one for desktop users too which will be a big boon to both personal and office users.

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